Tuesday, 27 June 2017

'Shaw-USMC: Soldiers, Spies and Lies'

The second in the 'Henry Shaw' prequel to the WW3 series, opening again with more back story on his father, and role model. The veteran Dwight Shaw, now a major in the reserves, recalled for service in Korea in 1950 and serving as temporary company commander of an infantry company during the invasion of North Korea.

Henry, in Vietnam, survived his wounds from the firebase siege but is now being pressured into revealing the identity of Duan, the monk who had told him of the North Vietnamese arms cache.

Terry Jones, CIA, is involved in the plot to oust President Diem, but he has already discovered that not all the plotters are working off the same hymn sheet.

Megan Granger-McVanie, CIA, is still attempting to discover if their is a mole at work, in the embassy or in the CIA offices. To complicate matters, her cover may have been blown on a separate assignment and her life is at risk.

'Shaw-USMC: Soldiers, Spies and Lies'

Cover art by Sanju Nivangune

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