Saturday, 6 June 2015

Fae, aka Crown Princess Aimee Adrianna of the Guardian Rings

Posh, Warrior Princess, Faerie, Witch, Succubus and the worlds worst driver... 

I am, as you may know, attempting to portray 'Of Demons and Blue Moons‘ central character, Fae, as a complex individual.

She is exceedingly old, wise with the years, a walking encyclopaedia, and outstandingly beautiful, appearing to be any age between 19 and 29, depending on her mood and circumstances.
Fae is also the possessor of longevity and extreme libido whilst being unburdened by inhibition. Quite apart from moonlights Achilles heel, Fae is desperately lonely, a feature she hides well. The cause of the loneliness is her longevity and others lack of it. She has been in love five times and five times, she has stood beside a grave as a loved one’s coffin was lowered inside.

Fae is very posh and proper on the surface, a very ladylike young woman styled on the 1920s and 1930s.
As a half Faerie and half Succubus, she can feed off either sexual energy or extremely large meals. She prefers the former as it also goes some way in assuaging the loneliness, seducing strangers in doorways and alleyway, constant one-night stands that do not allow for affection from either her or from her partners.

Combat wise, she would hand any ten Bruce Lees their arse in nought seconds flat. However, her mother, Lilith, has her outmatched and nor can Fae see the Shadow Demons that Lilith and the devil have created.
Fae is destined to be the mother of the Shadow Demon to rule all Shadow Demons, and also the human ruler who will lead mankind to its own destruction, at least if the devil and Lilith have their way.
She is often called ‘Slut’ but I want her to be ‘Hedonist’ in a reader’s opinion

Cerberus is Fae’s father, but he was turned into the hellhound later, as punishment for allowing Lilith to seduce him.

 Dragon's, demons, lusty warriors, both male and female, strippers, supermodels, a satyr dwarf stalker and a former Royal Marine, they are all to be found within the pages.

It will be ready for publication very soon!

Andy Farman
Cover by Sanju Nivangune
Interiors by Piero Vettori
Models: Katya Clover and Tracey Elvik

'Fae' by Vettori

'Cerberus' by Vettori

Fae, the Devil's Advocate dress and the Shisha-no-Ken belly chain.

'Fae and The Devil' by Ange10

Sabrina aka 'Sugar'

Fae, Percus and the lipstick tally

'Fae and Sabrina' by Ange10

The 'Inverted Griffin' of 'Cassandra's Spears'

The 'Kraken' of Erik Voldargamar's 'Kraken 100'

Fae's  'Fleur Di Lis with Paw faction' of the Royal House of Ring