Tuesday, 27 June 2017

'Of Demons and Blue Moons'

'Of Demons and Blue Moons' - the writing for the new edition is now complete and I just await the artwork for the new interior illustrations commissioned from Sanju Nivangune, Yuri Platov, Richie Pulvera and Fabrice Fermont with the kind permission of Katya Clover and Tracey Elvik, whose likeness are the reference images for the lovely ghost, 'Clover Iwasaki', and the beautiful, but evil, 'Lilith', queen of witches and succubus.

Cover by Sanju Nivangune

Cover by Sanju Nivangune

  'Of Demons and Blue Moons 2' - the writing is underway and in addition to Tracey and Katya I have three new models, Julia Yaroshenko, Luana Lani, and Natalia Andreeva, aka, Delilah G, who have also given their permission to become the references for 'Pixie', a legendary tracker, The Crimson Witch, the time slipping creator of Fae's 'Sword of the Dead', and Princess Natalya of Paladin, a warrior and mercenary.

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