Friday, 23 January 2015

Armageddon's Song volumes 1-5: 'The War Book'

Well I published the Armageddon's Song mammoth read 'The War Book' which was all two thousand and twenty-one pages of the first five volumes of the series, those depicting a World War Three, back to back at a discounted price for electronic download only. Unfortunately the forty maps and illustrations gave it a 29 megabyte upload size and that brought with it a whopping great $1.50 download fee on top of the $9.99 (which is a third of the price if you bought them separately.) so I removed those forty pages and the fee is now $0.40.
There is some new content, an expansion of the kidnapping of the car thief in volume 1 and eleven additional pages in volume 5 describing Major Richard Dewars Mountain and Arctic Warfare Cadre's exploits in Australia's Blue Mountains.
These last pages are available to read for free on my blog if you have already bought the original.
' The War Book '

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