Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Volume 2 in the trilogy...and back to school

The second book in the trilogy had a number of proofing issues owing to my becoming very much used to producing one off operation briefings and operation plans for all manner events, from small protests to the policing plan for Europe's largest Latin American Carnival. I was a one man band ten years ago and my workload was hefty for each of the three hats I wore. Glossy works of literature that would be archived the day after the operation simply did not require much in the way of finesse. Provided that everyone arrived on time, in the correct equipment, in the correct transport, were fed and knew what was required of them then who really cared if an apostrophe was missing?

Enter Nick Gill, a thoroughly good sort, a well educated and solid kind of guy who does care, very much.
Nick sent me back a sample of the first book he had proofed.
There were so many highlighted errors it looked like a STOP LIGHT.
My style of capitalisation and punctuation  was ruining his enjoyment of reading it. 
Where there is one Nick there are sure to be many others.
Why spoil all those years research and writing by lazy penmanship, was his reasonable argument and whilst he held down a demanding job he proofed the first hundred pages of the second volume during his daily commutes.
ARMAGEDDONS SONG volume 2 'Advance-Contact'

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